Marian Flandrick Bray: Books

I'm the author of 23 books, mostly fiction for kids 12 and up. Plus I've published many short stories and articles.


"The Flight of the Swan"
from Best Shorts by Avi
"The Pale Mare"
from Stay True by Marilyn Singer
"The Flight of the Swan"
from Herds of Thunder, Manes of Gold by Bruce Coville
Writings in A Reason to Live by Melody Beattie

Reba Books

The Bounty Hunter cover The Bounty Hunter
The Runaways cover The Runaways
Kayla's Secret cover
Kayla's Secret
Lost on Catalina Island cover Lost on Catalina Island

Lassie Books

Lassie To The Rescue cover To the Rescue
Lassie Hayloft Hideout cover Hayloft Hideout
Lassie Danger at Echo Cliffs cover Danger at Echo Cliffs
Lassie Under the Big Top cover Under the Big Top
Lassie Treasure at Eagle Mountain cover Treasure at Eagle Mountain

Khan Books

Springtime of Khan cover Springtime of Khan
Summer by the Sea cover Summer by the Sea

Other Books

Forever Friends cover Forever Friends
Ever So Slightly cover
Ever So Slightly
Stepping over Stones cover Stepping over Stones
The World's Biggest Chicken cover
The World's Biggest Chicken
Stars Over East L.A. cover Stars over East LA
cover of Making Housing Happen: Faith-Based Affordable Housing Models Making Housing Happen: Faith-based Affordable Housing Models

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